You Choose What Happens Next



    The Great Catspy

    In a whimsical world, a cat detective unravels quirky cases for a variety of clients in an omnibus-style comedy. Join him on a hilarious journey as he navigates through peculiar predicaments, using his feline instincts and human wit to crack the cases. Get ready for a delightful ride filled with humor, mysteries, and the purr-fect blend of comedy and crime-solving.

    Planet X

    Being a YouTuber has its stresses, but Matt Wolfe's life takes a wild turn when a government agency approaches him during a grocery run. If you were him, what would you do? Join Matt on this unexpected journey, filled with thrills, twists, and the unpredictable world of online fame.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Reimagines a young woman's journey into a bizarre, modern fantasy world, where she navigates absurdities and challenges mirroring today's society.

FLIPS to Explore

  • Classics

    Achilles! Volume I: Divine Sword

    Chronicles the epic life and enigmatic demise of the legendary Greek warrior, whose battles and personal challenges define heroism and tragedy.

  • History

    Khan: The Conqueror's Rise

    Join the journey of a young son inheriting his father's legacy as the revered Khan of a Mongolian tribe. From a pivotal moment of loss, follow his transformation into a formidable warrior and eventual Khan, navigating the challenges of leadership and honor in the vast landscapes of Mongolia.