Expand Your Audience

Expand Your Audience

Reach a completely new fandom and elevate your brand.

Earn As You Create

Earn As You Create

As your audience grows, get rewarded and earn from your creative passion.

What else will you get

  • Premium Features

    Access to state-of-the-art resources and tech to elevate your creations.

  • Amplified Exposure

    Boost your visibility through exposure on our powerful social media channels.

  • Exclusive Support

    Gain access to our top-tier creator support network to grow your skills

Your Creator Journey

  • Phase Icon

    Step 1


    Create your first Mini-FLIP: 10 Clips or Stills That Tell one Cohesive Story


    • Individual Creator Profile Page on DreamFlare.AI

    • Promotion in the Fan Section of "Free this Week"

    • Promoted in our New Creator Newsletter

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    Step 2


    Create Your First Full FLIP: 40 Clips or Stills That Tell one Cohesive Story


    • Start Earning with Level 1 Rewards

    • Highlighted Promotion Across DreamFlare.AI

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    Step 3


    Create Your Second Full FLIP or a SPIN Interactive Show That Tells one Cohesive Story


    • Enhanced Earning with Level 2 Rewards

DreamFlare Studios Applications Now Open

We're making the creation of AI entertainment a real career path. Join DreamFlare Studios as a Professional AI Creator with a minimum income of $80k per year. We know the best creators don't just 'push a button'.

To Apply, Submit One of the following:

  • A 4min+ AI-powered video that tells a story
  • A story made from AI-generated images and video clips that's 40+ assets long (See our FLIPS)

DreamFlare Creators perfect their stories with a Hollywood team of Oscar and Emmy winners. We look forward to meeting you!

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Creator Stories

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Jeff Synthesized

Working with DreamFlare has been a transformative experience. Their support for creativity, promotion, and engagement is second to none. They are a leading force in embracing, promoting, and producing human made content that utilizes tomorrow’s technological advancements. I am extremely proud to be a part of the DreamFlare creator community.

Let's get started!


  • How do I get started?


    Easy! Just tell us more about yourself.

  • What Gen AI creator tools work on DreamFlare?


    DreamFlare works with every Gen AI creator tool. Simply create with your favorite tools and apply to join us.

  • How do I get a profile page?


    After you apply to join, all selected creators then go on to complete step 1 and get their own creator profile page

  • How do DreamFlare creators get selected?


    We love creators and stories of all types from across genres! Our content team celebrates diversity with backgrounds from Hollywood to the music industry, gaming, fashion, graphic novels and beyond. It doesn't matter what type of stories you love to tell - we want all great creators to tell them with us. We'll review your application and get back to you.

  • What If I'm a creator today but not an AI creator?


    We partner with non-AI creators too! Tell us more about yourself and we'll get back to you.