You Choose What Happens Next



    The Great Catspy

    In a whimsical world, a cat detective unravels quirky cases for a variety of clients in an omnibus-style comedy. Join him on a hilarious journey as he navigates through peculiar predicaments, using his feline instincts and human wit to crack the cases. Get ready for a delightful ride filled with humor, mysteries, and the purr-fect blend of comedy and crime-solving.

    Planet X

    Being a YouTuber has its stresses, but Matt Wolfe's life takes a wild turn when a government agency approaches him during a grocery run. If you were him, what would you do? Join Matt on this unexpected journey, filled with thrills, twists, and the unpredictable world of online fame.
  • SCI-FI

    Hearts of Darkness

    Step into a sci-fi interactive film following a bounty hunter's mission, pursuing one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals.

FLIPS to Explore

  • Sci-Fi

    Planet Oz

    A tasteful contemporary twist on the classic Wizard of Oz, 'Planet Oz' transports viewers on a surreal adventure into a fantasy land. Discover a world brimming with wonder and hope as she navigates through whimsical landscapes and encounters colorful characters.

  • Classics

    Gretel's Trail: Blood & Candy

    Explore a comedic reimagining of the classic tale of Hensel & Gretel in a charming graphic novel format. Follow the adventures of the mischievous siblings as they navigate a world filled with laughter, surprises, and quirky characters. Experience a fresh and delightful twist on this beloved story, blending humor and charm with captivating illustrations for an enchanting reading experience.

  • Adventure

    Peter Pan & The Forest of Madness

    In a whimsical adventure, young Peter Pan and his friends joyfully explore the forest until they stumble upon a mysterious portal. Transported to a dark and eerie forest teeming with bizarre creatures, they must confront challenges and battle against the monsters to find their way back home. Join them in their daring quest as they navigate through danger, bravery, and the bonds of friendship in this thrilling journey between worlds.

  • Animation

    Little Red & The Cursed Locket

    Delve into the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood retold in a captivating paper-mache 3D card style cartoon. Follow the suspense as a little girl navigates the unknown depths of a forest teeming with mystical beasts and stunning landscapes.

  • Anime

    The Ice Queen Chronicles

    In an anime-style adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, the Snow Queen, three children embark on a journey through a magical landscape of snow and ice. Explore with them as they navigate the consequences of their village falling under a curse, encountering fantastical creatures and enchanting challenges along the way. Experience a captivating blend of fantasy, adventure, and friendship in this reimagined anime tale of the Snow Queen.