You Choose What Happens Next



    Planet X

    Being a YouTuber has its stresses, but Matt Wolfe's life takes a wild turn when a government agency approaches him during a grocery run. If you were him, what would you do? Join Matt on this unexpected journey, filled with thrills, twists, and the unpredictable world of online fame.
  • SCI-FI

    Hearts of Darkness

    Step into a sci-fi interactive film following a bounty hunter's mission, pursuing one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Reimagines a young woman's journey into a bizarre, modern fantasy world, where she navigates absurdities and challenges mirroring today's society.

FLIPS to Explore

  • Comedy


    Reimagines Frankenstein's monster on an uproarious night out, as he navigates the city's nightlife in a heartfelt and humorous quest for love.

  • Adventure

    Arabian Nights: City of Whispers

    Explores the adventures of Laila, a young girl who discovers a magical flute with the power to alter reality and summon mythical beings.

  • Classics

    The Willows

    Mini-Flip! Enjoy this teaser first look at the classic tale of two friends on an adventure down the River Danube, encountering ominous and otherworldy forces presented by nature. Stay tuned for the full series!

  • Art & Design

    Fluid Geometry of Paint

    A futuristic design exhibition that showcases dynamic expressions of paint across diverse surfaces, creating mind-bending visual experiences through innovative geometric manipulation.

  • Sport

    Last Dance in Blue: A Eurostory

    Follow the heart-warming journey of an ambitious young boy who rises to fame as a renowned football player. Witness his resilience as he overcomes adversity and claims his place among the football elite.

  • Animation

    Little Red & The Cursed Locket

    Delve into the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood retold in a captivating paper-mache 3D card style cartoon. Follow the suspense as a little girl navigates the unknown depths of a forest teeming with mystical beasts and stunning landscapes.

  • Comedy

    Maury's Night Out

    [M for Mature Content - Parental Discretion Advised] As night falls in late 60's New York City and the streets empty, a vampire emerges from his hiding place in a coffin shop. Roaming the darkened avenues, he encounters only fellow creatures of the night.

  • Anime

    The Ice Queen Chronicles

    In an anime-style adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, the Snow Queen, three children embark on a journey through a magical landscape of snow and ice. Explore with them as they navigate the consequences of their village falling under a curse, encountering fantastical creatures and enchanting challenges along the way. Experience a captivating blend of fantasy, adventure, and friendship in this reimagined anime tale of the Snow Queen.

  • Sci-Fi


    An artificial boy created by an inventor embarks on a journey to understand human emotions and earn his place as a real boy.

  • Art & Design

    Animal Sense

    A visually stunning journey exploring the spiritual bond between humans and the animal world.