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    The Great Catspy

    In a whimsical world, a cat detective unravels quirky cases for a variety of clients in an omnibus-style comedy. Join him on a hilarious journey as he navigates through peculiar predicaments, using his feline instincts and human wit to crack the cases. Get ready for a delightful ride filled with humor, mysteries, and the purr-fect blend of comedy and crime-solving.
  • SCI-FI

    Hearts of Darkness

    Step into a sci-fi interactive film following a bounty hunter's mission, pursuing one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Reimagines a young woman's journey into a bizarre, modern fantasy world, where she navigates absurdities and challenges mirroring today's society.

FLIPS to Explore

  • Sci-Fi

    Crypto Inferno

    Reimagines Dante's descent through the underworld as a treacherous journey through the volatile realms of the cryptocurrency market, mirroring the original's themes of sin and redemption.